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URL UNFINISHED BUSINESS 2 PPV LIVE – These are the live updates from the URL Unfinished business ppv event. One of the best event of the year, ton of classic battles. If you missed it you can watch the leaked footage – Click Here Unfinished Business 2 Leaked Footage.

Tsu Surf & Tay Roc vs DNA & K-Shine

Shine and DNA asked to go first. They are in the zone!

DNA and Shine with the team work!!! They talking about getting they ass whipped in the first battle

Let’s go! This is what the first battle should have been!

We haven’t seen this Shine and DNA in a minute. LETS GO!!!

Yoooooo!!!! After the shot Troy Ave! Shine and DNA with the biggest reaction of the night

This is how champions respond! Let’s go DNA and K-Shine open up with their best round EVER

People are saying the battle is over and Surf and Roc haven’t even gone yet. DAMN!

DNA and Shine just opened with one of the best rounds we have seen on URL. It’s rnd one on Gun Titles

Tsu just went in on Saga. Big reaction

Gun Titles is doing good but they aren’t getting as much reaction

After one round, NWX is winning – they were electric.

Shine is going in by himself. DNA stepped back. Crowd loving everything

DNA and Kshine have a whole segment about how much reaching Surf and Roc do

DNA and Shine’s second was solid. A crazy Gun Titles performance could steal the second

Tay Roc said if a tranny said suck my dick instead of him Shine would have did it lolllllll

Surf just spit his best line. Fire

This round is close. Gun Titles are a few big punches away from making this even

First round NWX, Second round is debatable. Who will win?

NWX is going crazy in the third. This is fire

The teamwork!!!!

Shine and DNA have great teamwork. Shine missed a line, DNA spit it, then they did a synchronized gun swing

Gun Titles needs a crazy third! It’s on them

Surf & Roc are playing a game in the third called guess the celebrity. This is mad creative. Crowd going crazy

Yo this third by Roc and Surf is crazy. Exactly what they needed.

Wait til y’all hear Surf’s Puff Daddy bar. FIRE!

Mmmmmm. Let’s go Gun Titles

Crowd is giving Gun Titles the slow *ooooooooooohhh* reactions

NWX had one of the best rounds of the year. Gun Titles saved themselves right at the end. Highly debatable edge to NWX

Click Here Unfinished Business 2 Leaked Footage.

Math Hoffa vs T-Top

Ha. T-Top’s intro is great

T-Top said he got triple the money to battle Math on URL instead of Don’t Flop. Damn

T-Tops first is craaaazy

Great first on t-top. Crowd loving it. We are all hype for Math’s first

Math’s daughter was born this morning. He said he’s going back to the hospital after he kills T-Top

Math said T-Top would dive in nose first if Bonnie opened her legs

Maths first was good. We might give that first to t-top though. Good battle

T-top just spit a line about Taxtone to math that had ppl reacting

This is the most personals T-Top has ever had

T-top said Maths fucking with trannies so his pornhub account must be nasty as shit lol

T-Top going crazy! FIRE! New Math name flips

T-Top is getting A LOT of reactions. He’s punching in the second. SMACK had to stop his time. Crowd is upset

It’s on Math. He needs some fire. Cmon math

Math had a stumble. He got it back now
Math stumbled a few times but he’s snapping right now

Math had to let the 2nd round go. He was stumbling. It’s the 3rd on T-Top

T-Top has the crowd laughing about the Dizaster fight. Says he was at home bobing and weaving watching it

T-Top just spit the line of the night! Fire!

Can’t lie. This might be T-Tops best performance

T-Top said Math is the Vince Young of battle rap

Damn T-Top

Performance of the night is between Rum Nitty & T-Top. Slight edge to T-Top

Pokémon Go just told us T-Top just evolved into Top Bizzy

It’s on Math rnd 3

Math freestyled and jumped back in the written. Good move … Just delivered his best line.

Yoooooo. Let’s goooooo Mathhhhhh. He just killed Nunu!!!! *crowd going nuts*
Math said if SMACK gives Mook 100k he’s robbing him the same day

Math going craaaaaazy now.

Math ended his third with a freestyle. 3rd made his performance respectable
RapGrid Result: Best performance by T-Top – he went crazy. Math stumbled in the 2nd, third was a mix between crazy bars and freestyle

Rum Nitty Vs Charlie Clips

It’s on Rum Nitty first

Nitty’s first is dope. About 3 disgusting lines already

Strong first on rum nitty. No suuuuuuper crazy lines but consistently dope

Ok clips is dope. Started with rebuttals. All punches

Clips crazy JR Smith with his shirt off line

Clips is incorporated Jaz into a line. Half freestyle. May be the bar of the round

Clips is wilin. Crazy future/designer bar that may have taken it over the top

Dope first round on both. Might edge clips

Ok Nitty just started round two and the crowd is going bananas. Crazy Gary Payton sneaker line

Rum Nitty is gassing. Fire!

Rum Nitty’s second round isn’t over yet. It’s the best round of the night already. Jesus.

Clips was bout to use Tay roc as a prop. He jumped in a bar early tho. Clips saved with a freestyle and got reaction

Clips crazy D.Wade Heat/Bulls bar

Clips taking time out his second rnd to talk to black ppl

Rum Nitty Smoked the second. First is either tie or edge to Clips. Rnd 3 on Rum

First two lines out the gates. Jesus Nitty

Yo. Rum Nitty. Every bar is a crowd reaction!

Rum just spit one of the best Nunu Nellz bars *woooooo*

3rd round. Cmon Clips! One more good round and this battle is nuts

Clips said him Freestyling is the rope-a-dope

Clips got everyone laughing. Broke down the ingredients in Rum

Clips said Rum reminds him of piña coladas and blenders lolllllll

Clips third is strong. Crowd needs to wake up a little more

Ok Clips just had an Exclusive Vodka bar DON DEMARCO!!!

Damn clips was doing good. Said “the crowd ain’t fucking with me” and quit … Wait sike he lied crowd going crazy

Clips might have taken the first, but Rum Nitty was on 10 those last two rounds. Clips finished good and had freestyles.

John John Da Don vs Big T

“I need somewhere to fit this large body / send him to Big & Tall (T)”

“Can’t handle bars, what makes you a G … T”

John John is killing it

It’s on Big T fire first by John John

“U think the Tsunami battle was just a freak win see … Think about t what’s a Tsunami … Frequency”

Big T snapping

Big T on his A game. This battle is fire

“Soon as he started rapping I let off the BAM BATTA … Started rapping … Bambaataa”

Big T just had one of the bars of the year!! “Like I’m battling Professor X and Magneto … Manipulate the mind & steal”

Crazy first round! On JJ next. Great battle

Ok we won’t be quoting any more bars from but we are still keeping y’all updated talking about the battles

John Johns second was crazy

Big T with some crazy fake reach bars

Big T is going crazy. This “kickin it” part of his second round just shut it down.

1st may be a close edge to T. Second Big T Killed it. John John is killing the 3rd right now. Fire battle by both

John John talking about Big T’s loyalty to KOTD and turning. His back on SMACK

John johns third has some of the best bars of this battle. CRAZY

Big T’s 3rd was cool. John John flamed that 3rd round though

“Way too fat to sprint I’m surprised T mobile … metro don’t trust you”

Big T smoked the second round. John John smoked the third. First was really good by both. It’s close!

Brizz Rawsteen vs Shotgun Suge

It’s on Brizz first. He’s mad hype. Crowd going crazy.

Brizz had a crazy (Harlem) Children of the Corn bar

Brizz’s first is crazy

Dope first on Brizz

Shotgun Suge came out wilin! Fire! daaaamn

Suge on his shit!

Shotgun maybe edged the first but it was very close. Fire by both. It’s on Brizz rnd 2

Brizz just had a crazy triple punchline about the Terminator 2. Crowd going nuts!

Brizz is wilin! His second round is was amazing. It’s on Suge rnd 3

Suge got better. Damn he’s punching back to back

Brizz Rawsteen smoked the second round

Brizz Rawsteen is on his shit! Jokes, bars and crazy energy

First close. Maybe edge to Suge. Second all Rawsteen

Crazy 3rd 3 by Brizz. It’s on Suge. Brizz has the momentum

Suge naming what wresting moves he will do to Brizz’s girl lolllllll

Ok Suge going crazy now.

Brizz and Suge bumping into each other, sweating and talking that shit. Great battle!

Shug killed the “what ya life like” wooooo – he might steal the third

Suge coming at Cassidy now

Brizz Rawsteen vs Shotgun Suge was an excellent battle full of raw energy and aggression. It’s can go either way. Fire!

URL Unfinished Business 2 ppv was fire, you have to watch it. Click Here Unfinished Business 2 Leaked Footage.

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URL Unfinished Business 2 was a sell out event, it had some of the best battles I have seen this year so far. SMACK put together a very dope card. The event was lit. Ok lets get straight to it. Unfinished Business 2 leaked battles.

Click Here – Watch Unfinished Business 2 Battles Leaked Footage

Tsu Surf & Tay Rock vs DNA K-Shine

This is a dope battle, from the start both sides were spitting fire. I was expecting more from Tsu Surf and Tay Rock, I have to edge this battle to DNA and K-Shine.

Math Hoffa vs T-Top

This was a one sided battle. T-Top was on fire, he didnt want to stop. He had the best performance of the night no buts about it. This man was on the next level. T-Top won the battle 3-0. Math Hoffa was ok but I think he needs a couple more battles on URL to get back in the game.

John John Da Don vs Big T

This was my favorite battle of the night. I like all the angles that both guys used in the battle. Unfinished Business 2 was perfect for this battle that was in the making for so long. This is a very close battle, I will have to watch it again to pick a winner. A classic battle for sure.

Click Here – Watch Unfinished Business 2 Battles Leaked Footage

Brizz Rawsteen vs Shotgun Suge

This was another close battle, but it was live and exciting, Brizz Rawsteen first round was fire, he pocketed checked the big bully Shotgun Suge. Suge did not come to play, he was cooking the second round. A must watch battle, possabley the battle of the night according to Shotgun Suge.

Rum Nitty vs Charlie Clips

This battle was disapointing if you ask me. Rum Nitty did well, shout outs to him. Charlie Clips not so well, was not impressed at all. Charlie Clips one of the greatest ever didnt come to work. I’m not sure if its becuase of the short notice or that he just wasnst taking Rum Nitty seriouse. Rum Nitty on the other hand came with that fire, you can tell he wanted to catch a body. Rum Nitty got this battle.

Click Here – Watch Unfinished Business 2 Battles Leaked Footage

Watch all the Unfinished Business 2 leaked battles from your phone, just lick the link above, fill out a free survey and access the free ppv battle.

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URL Unfinished Business 2 PPV was amazing, one of the best URL ppv of the year, the match up were crazy and the battles did not disappoint. Gun Tittles vs NWX

Tsu Surf & Tay Rock vs DNA & K-Shine

This battle was dope no doubt about it, it was live from the start. I had my expectations high and I was not disappointed with the battle. It was not like the first battle where Tsu Surf and Tay Rock where clearly winning. This time around NWX members DNA and K-Shine did not come to play.

It was a very close battle, the energy was crazy and the bars were fire. I have to slighty edge it to NWX. DNA and K-Shine got the win in this rematch. But the Tay Rock vs K-Shine needs to happen!!!

Click Here – URL Unfinished Business 2 Stream Live Coverage

If you missed the URL Unfinished Business 2 ppv it was amazing.

All The unfinished Business 2 Battles

Tsu Surf & Tay Rock vs DNA & K-Shine

Rum Nitty vs Charlie Clips

Math Hoffa vs T-Top

John John Da Don vs Big T

Brizz Rawsteen vs Shotgun Suge

Click Here – URL Unfinished Business 2 Stream Live Coverage

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blackout 6 ppv iron solomon vs dizaster full battle blackout 6 free live streaming leaked battles footage
Iron Solomon vs Dizaster Full Blackout 6 PPV Battle

The Blackout 6 ppv is shaping up to be a very good and unpredictable card. The first day at the Blackout 6 event was crazy just the beginning and a lot of dope battles have already happened. The Blackout 6 battles so far are awesome, who would of ever guessed these matches would go down.

The biggest shock to me so far is the Big T vs Knamelis battle, I think this could be the biggest upset of the entire Blackout 6 card. you must watch this battle to know what I’m talking about.

Blackout 6 PPV Event Battles

Shotti P vs Smelly

Jay Rell vs Lexx Luthor

Big T vs Knamelis

Bishop Brigante vs Pass

Im not the type to judge the battles before I see the full battle when I’m clear headed. But all I can say is Pass 3-0 Bishop Brigante and Big T took a L to Knamelis. This man just made a name for him self and now Big T is on the rebound and has to figure out a way to get around the two chokes he had in the battle.

Don’t miss the Blackout 6 event watch it live – PPV Footage

Lets see what day two of the Blackout 6 ppv has in store for us. I can’t wait for the title match Rone vs Ill Maculate and Dizaster vs Iron Soloman. These two rap battles will be dope no questions about it. If you are not watching the Blackout 6 ppv event you are missing history in the making.

Dizaster vs Iron Soloman

This was the best battle so far in the Blackout 6 event, overall amazing battle that defiantly live up to the hype. Instant classic for sure, both Dizaster and Iron Soloman came in rare form. I can’t even pic a winner I will have to watch the battle a couple of times and see what went over my head.
The bars, aggression and performance were perfect. The Blackout ppv was worth the money just to see this battle. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this battle but was I wrong.

Cortez vs Charron

This was the best battle until Dizaster vs Iron Soloman battled. I wasn’t expecting this match up what so ever. Cortez came with that fire, and so did Charron. Blackout 6 is turning out to be a dope card.

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KOTD Back To Baysic PPV full recam all battle results

Back To Baysics 3 had a lot of ups and downs. Overall I would say the event was successful. This must have been the best PPV event ever when it comes down to timing and having all the battle go down in a timely manner. PPV was very smooth. Lets get to the battles from Back To Baysics.

Dizaster vs Gjonaj

This was a ok battle, Dizaster got it 3-0 only because Gjonaj chocked in one of his rounds and cut it short, Dizaster had a good first round. The second round felt like he was mocking Gjonaj the entire round, the crowed was hyping Dizaster a lot in the second round. Gjonaj started coming back at the end of the battle but it was a little too late. Gjonaj needs more experience on the big stage.

Pass vs Arsonal

I gave this to Pass easy 2-1 possibly a 3-0 depends who you give the second round to. This battle was good, Pass came to work. Arsonal ended up choking again, that’s what lost him the battle. Arsonal is a legend but the last couple of battles he has been choking, maybe its time to take a little break. Pass had a stumble as well but he definitely won the battle.

Caustic vs Bigg K

This is the battle that i was hyped for, a little disappointed at it. First round was good, both guys came with the fire, second as well. The last round Caustic took off and was going crazy. Caustic mentioned the name of one of Bigg K dead homies and Bigg K lost it and a fight almost broke out. This battle is very debatable 2-1 either way. (Side Note – Bigg K needs to check him self, getting your emotions worked up in a battle is not cool, your in a BATTLE anybody can say anything they want, you got paid to battle now do your job.)

Daylyt vs QP

This was a easy 3-0 for QP. Daylyt came to the battle dressed in a box. Dont get me wrong he definetly had some clever bars but QP came to work. I got QP taking all 3 rounds. Expected a lot more from Daylyt. Would like to see QP on another card as well, he has some nice bars. Dirtbag Dan vs DNA This was a close battle 2-1 either way. Dirtbag Dan came out way more aggressive then I expected. He had some nice bars as well. DNA came ready, he had some nice bars and was definitely cooking. DNA has been improving a lot and is being very strategic with the battles he is taking. At the end of the battle Dirtbag Dan announced he was taking a break from battling. More on that coming soon

The Saurus vs Fresco

This was also a good battle, very close. Both guys had cray performances and it was a good battle to watch for sure, will definitely have to re-watch this when the footage drops on KOTD. Fresco won the extra cash for the performance of the night.

Reverse Live vs Only One

This was an ok battle, the first round was very close. Both came with it. Reverse Live was snapping he had a lot of crazy bars. I give Reverse Live the battle 2-1. The PPV streaming kept interrupting and I wouldn’t see every thing, will definitely have to see this when it drops on KOTD.

Madflex vs Lu Cipher

This was a crazy battle, Lu Cipher had a lot of crazy name flips, it was pure gold. Lu Cipher had a slight stumble but made up for it in bars. Madflex got round one. This was a close battle to call. I have to say 2-1 either way untill I re-watch it again.

Over all the event was very good, PPV was great, it set a high standard, lets see if KOTD can keep it going. PPV was not in HD Im not sure why but hopefully that gets worked out. Make sure to subscribe to our email list for the latest updates.

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World Domination 5 was a very successful event for sure, here are some of the most memorable and controversial moments that went in the event.

This was a two day event and a lot of battles took place. Of the event was crazy, one of the most memorable moments on this day was when Dizaster came out dressed like a monk, it was pure comedy. Doumbfoundead was also great, this was a battle of the raises. Both battle rappers came with killer jokes and bars, and had me focused and wanting more. I can’t wait till this battle drops. This battle will have crazy replay value and it will bring more attention and fans to the battle rap world.

World Domination 5 greatest moments kotd footage

The other memorable moment has to be the Arsonal choking in his round against Shotty Horroa. Arsonal came out on a hover scooter and was spinning around the whole battle. He then threw Shottys hat on the floor on some disrespectful shit, as soon as he got done with that bar he choked. It was karma biting him in the ass. If you missed it here if the video below.

wd5 World Domination 5 greatest moments kotd footage

One of my personal favorites was Daylyt, this guy was focused this battle for sure, he came with the bars and performance. I think this was one of the best Daylyts we have seen in a while. All 3 of his rounds were on point. Iron Solomon came back and showed us he can still hang with the big cats. This battle will go down in the books as a classic for sure. Big ups to both Daylyt and Iron Solomon.


When Kid Twist brought out the major Norm Kelly in his third round against Rone, that shit was a shocker for sure. Nobody expected that to happen at all. I can’t imagine what was going through Rones mind when he saw the major walking into the ring. The battle was incredible by the way, very close to call, one of the best battles of the night for sure.

Norm Kelly world domination 5 kotd

These are just a couple of moments that happened in World Domination 5, there is a lot more. More moments coming soon.

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prep vs john john da don battle release rookies vs vets

The last battle from the Rookies vs Vets event is being dropped. John John Da Don vs Prep is being dropped on the 19th. I can’t wait to see how the battle went down, a lot of rumors have been going around. The streets is talking, John John fired some shots at Nunu Nellz and SMACK was not going to release the battle at all.

This battle is a nice match up, probably best match up on the card. Prep has a very unique style and nice bars. On the other hand we have John John Da Don one of the most seasoned vets and he brings bars and aggression to the battle. There is the full trailer for the battle that URL just released.

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Charlie Clips vs T-Top full battle rookies vs vets

As you can see the T-Top vs Charlie Clips battle is being dropped this Saturday right after the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. Sow you know it is going to be crazy, first we have Mayweather vs Pacquiao a boxing match thats been in the making for 5 years now and its finally here. Hopefully Pacquiao wins this battle.

T-Top and Charlie Clips was the main event of the Rookies Vs Vet event. T-Top is one of the best rookies to come on the stage, he has aggression, style and delivery. Then we have Charlie Clips one of the greatest as we know, he brings a lot to the table schemes, wordplay and his freestyle ability. This is going to be a crazy battle. See my NOME 5 Predictions.

Charlie Clips vs T-Top Full Trailer


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DNA vs Chess rookies vs vets full battle footage smack url urltv ppv

Ok lets start out by giving a shout out to SMACK for not waiting months to release the battles. Im sure a lot of fans feel the same way. The Rookies vs Vets ppv had a lot of great battles. DNA vs Chess was one of the most hyped and energetic build ups for the event.

In this battle Chess had a slip up but nothing major, he came back and started spitting fire and more fire as the rounds went on. First round DNA went crazy was full of energy and bars. DNA got the first round easy. Second round was a toss up for me, both DNA and Chess had bars must most went over peoples heads so they didn’t get the reaction as expected.

Round tree both went crazy and spit some fire bars. Chess got more comfortable on the big stage and was besting. DNA got K-Shine and Shotgun Suge and then took Chess to school. Enough talk lets get to the battle.


DNA vs Chess Battle

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Rookies vs vets rookies vs vets leaked battle, rookies vs vets leak, rookies vs vets leaked, rookie vs vets url leak battles, rookies vs vets leaks

Rookies vs Vets was epic, it brought back the battle rap that we all love to watch. This by far is one of my favorite events that SMACK put together. Over all the event was successful it brought new talent into the game and showed that they can hang with the vets.

Every battle was debatable, thats how good the event was. Everybody brought they best. This is a great setup to the next event that is being put together right now. NOME 5. The event will be crazy and probably the biggest of them all.

Watch Rookies vs Vets Leaked Battles – Rookies vs Vets

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KOTD is hosting another Blackout 7 ppv event this time around its Blackout 7. This in my opinion has the potential to be one...