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charlie clips vs hollow da don full interview nome 5 ppc live streaming

Charlie Clips vs Hollow Da Don will be the biggest rap battle of the year hands down. I super hyped for this battle, it will be a classic for sure. Smack has just made a major announcement. This will be the first time in history that URL is doing a PPV event. They are offering live streaming for NOME 5 that way everybody can get to what is going down at Nome 5 live.

Charlie Clips and Hollow Da Don both talked about there battle at Nome 5. Charlie Clips talked about how Hollow called him out at the first Nome event and how that caused him to want to battle him. Now they are at Nome 5 headlining the event. Watch the full interview below.

Charlie Clips vs Hollow Da Don Full Interview Nome 5


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disaster billy boondocks full fight video

Dizaster is at it again. Dizaster was at a KOTD event with friends and Billy Boondocks was there as well. Words where exchanged and things went south from there. Next thing you know the fight breaks out. These two guys battles each other years and years ago and not they had a rematch but this time not with words but with hands. See how the full fight unfolded.

After the fight, Dizaster explains why he did what he did. See the full interview below. Dizaster Billy Boondocks Full Fight. Lets just hope this doesn’t affect Dizasters return to battle rap. What do you guys think of a possible rematch. Dizaster vs Billy Boondocks. Sounds good:)

Rookies vs Vets Full Recap All Battles See How It Went Down

Rookies vs Vets Recap

The Saga vs Shotgun Suge

This was another good battle, two different styles  going against each other, very strange setup. The first round was nice, Shoutgun Suge came with bars in the first round. The Sage was ok in the first round. I will give the first to Shotgun Suge. The second round The Sage started coming back, his rounds where a little longer but was nice. I have to give the second to The Sage. The third round both came out with fire and bars. Very hard to judge the final round. Could go rather way just depending on what you like. I have to slightly edge it to The Sage, just slightly.

Final The Saga 2-1


Verb Von Don (Aye Verb) vs Brizz Rawsteen

First round both came with battle bars, first round could go anyway. I would have to give it to Aye Verb slightly. The second round was nice as well, Brizz Rawsteen started coming back and getting the crowed back.  Aye Verb was very consistent in the second and had nice bars. I would have to give the second round to Brizz Rawsteen. The third round Aye Verb came with that fire and did his signature move. Brizz Rawsteen was hot in the third but could not compete the Aye Verbs energy. I give the third to Aye Verb aka Verb Von Don.

Final Aye Verb – 2-1


T Top vs Charlie Clips

This was the main event of the night. Very anticipated battle. We have one of the best rookies vs one of the top guys in battle rap now. This was a crazy battle for sure. 3 rounds each 2 min for this battle. The first round T Top vent first and was spitting fire, very good stage presence. Charlie Clips came with bars in the first and went right after T Top. The first round was very debatable. I would have to slightly give it to Charlie Clips. Second round was a different story T Top came blazing, he came with a lot of name flips. Charlie clips attacked the whole Proving Grounds movement, he didn’t focus on T Top much  in the second round. I have to give the second to T Top hands down.

The third and final round was crazy T Top went personal and had a lot of bars. It was the best of T Top I have seen so far. Clips was very good in the third round as well, but didn’t quite connect as T Top did. The third could go any way for sure. But I would have to slightly edge it to T Top

Final T Top 2-1

The whole Rookies vs Vets event that URL put together was crazy, if you didn’t now get the chance to see it you may want to Click Here – Rookies vs Vets PPV Footage


What are your thought? Please comment below

Rookies vs Vets Full Recap All Battles See How It Went Down

Rookies vs Vets Recap

The Rookies vs Vets event was fire, definitely not a let down, the rookies came with fire and the battles were spectacular. The event was sold out, the whole building was packed with fans, very live atmosphere. Lets get right to it.

John John Da Don vs Prep

First round of the battle I will have to give it to Prep, he was consistent and had bars. John John Da Don also had a good first round, came at Prep but also attacked Nunu Nellz, if he stayed on course and only came at Prep he would have gotten the first.  Second round was fire, both came with bars, this round was hard to judge, but I had to give it to John John Da Don. Third round I also gave to John John, Prep was not consistent in the third.

Final  – John John Da Don  2-1

Real Deal Vs Snow

This was the first body of the event, the crowd was not feeling Snow that much, he tried to bring the small room performance to the big stage, it didn’t work out for him. Real Deal came with bars and was able to control the crowd. I am give all 3 rounds to Real Deal.

Final – Real Deal 3-0

Chess vs DNA

This is one the most anticipated battles of the night, lots of shit talk and hype building up to it. I couldn’t wait to see it. This was probably the strangest battle of the night, lots of things went wrong.  Chess went first and the round was cut short by Smack. Chess bulled a Daylyt and released some bodily fluids on the stage. Dna was consistent the first, sow I have to give Dna the first round. Second round was good on both sides, could go any way. I would have to give it to Chess. Chess third round was very good and sow was Dna’s. Dna brought out some props ( you have to see footage ) and had bars. So I had to give it to Dna.

Final DNA 2-1

Mr.Wavy vs K-Shine

This was a fire battle, probably the battle of the night if you ask me. Mr.Wavy was very good, surprised me with his skills and crowd control. He started out slow in the first round but then started trowing haymakers. K-Shine was on fire with the wordplay, he brought the old K-Shine back. Hardest first round to judge. I would have to slightly edge it K-Shine. Second round was dope, Mr.Wavy came to bars, very dope. K-Shine was consistent in the second. I have to give the second to Mr.Wavy hands down. Third round was also great, both was spitting fire. Mr.Wavy was excellent. K-Shine came with the personals in the third round and was connecting. I would have to give it to K-Shine.

Final K-Shine 2-1


 Continue To Rookies vs Vets Recap Part 2

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K-Shine vs Mr.Wavy Full Leaked Battle Rookies vs Vets Event PPV

K-Shine vs Mr.Wavy was a crazy battle. Both went in and came with that work. K Shine after the battle said he got it 3-0. Watch the video below. Who do you think won the battle? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more interviews, battles and news.

Rookies vs Vets / K-Shine vs Mr. Wavy- K-Shine Recaps Their Battle

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BRIZZ RAWSTEEN Rookies vs Vets URL Event
BRIZZ RAWSTEEN Rookies vs Vets URL Event

Brizz Rawsteen talked about Rookies vs Vets and his match against Ayverb. He is very confident and says the rookies have a good chance against the vets. When asked about Ayverb he said that he has a big ego and plays of his name.

This will be a crazy battle, both are coming with energy and are good performers. We have to see if Ayverb will come with fire bars and be prepared for this battle.

Brizz Rawsteen Talks Rookies vs Vets URL


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KOTD is hosting another Blackout 7 ppv event this time around its Blackout 7. This in my opinion has the potential to be one...