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kotd blackout 7 blackout7 ppv live streaming leaked battles free stream

KOTD is hosting another Blackout 7 ppv event this time around its Blackout 7. This in my opinion has the potential to be one of the best Blackout ppv events of all time.

Watch Blackout 7 Full PPV – Click Here Free Live Streaming 

Here are all the battles that will take place. Only 2 battles are confirmed and that is the title match with Rone vs Head Ice and the co main event battle Charron vs Aye Verb.

Main Event #1: Rone vs Head I.C.E. *Title Match*
Main Event #2: Charron vs Aye Verb
Announcement #2 – Gjonaj
Announcement #3 – A. Ward
Announcement #4 – Swave Sevah
Announcement #5 – Pass
Announcement #6 – Yung Ill
Announcement #7 – Krome
Announcement #8 – Cortez
Announcement #9 – Loso
Announcement #10 – Aye Verb
Announcement #11 – Shotti P
Announcement #12 – Carter Deems
Announcement #13 – Marv Won
Announcement #14 – Jimz
Announcement #15 – Ness Lee
Announcement #16 – Chilla Jones
Announcement #17 – Chedda Cheese
Announcement #18 – Charron
Announcement #19 – Esem
Announcement #20 – Bonnie Godiva
Announcement #21 – Pnut
Announcement #22 – Aftershock
Announcement #23 – DNA
Announcement #24 – Quest MCody
Announcement #25 – Caustic
Announcement #26 – JeFFrey
Announcement #27 – Daylyt

You dont have to look far to see all the crazy names that are on this card. A lot of dope battle rappers, I dont know where to start, Put I wana see who Chilla and Cortez will battle.

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KOTD World Domination is here and the battles for this event are super crazy, some of the biggest name in battle rap are on the card. This is the list of the battles so far. More battles to come so stay tuned.

Announcement 1 – Rone vs Caustic ( Title Match )

Announcement 2 – Charron vs Bonnie Godiva

Announcement 3 – Chilla Jones vs Arcane

Announcement 4 – Pat Stay vs Serius Jones

Announcement 5 – The Saurus vs Tumi

Announcement 6 – Pnut vs Shotti P

Announcement 7 –
Announcement 8 –
Announcement 9 –
Announcement 10 –

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KOTD - Rap Battle - The Saurus vs Chedda Cheese
KOTD - Rap Battle - The Saurus vs Chedda Cheese

The Saurus vs Chedda Cheese

KOTD – Rap Battle – The Saurus vs Chedda Cheese had a dope battle. I give this battle to The Saurus he came prepared to battle and had more material. Chedda Cheese had very short rounds, I don’t know hoe much time they were given every round but it was short.

Over all a good battle to watch. The Saurus needs a big name next battle.

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Uno Lavoz vs N Pose Full Battle

Uno Lavoz vs N Pose was a comedy battle. They both put $1000 on the line on this battle. The winner takes all. N Pose won the battle 4-1 after the judges decided it.

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Gjonaj vs Danny Myers Full Battle

KOTD Rap Battle Massacre 2 – Gjonaj vs Danny Myers Hosted By Organik, Poison Pen & Gully TK

Gjonaj vs Danny Myers

Gjonaj vs Danny Myers battle went down at KOTD Massacre 2. It was a nice over all battle, very nice match up. Watch Battles at the Bunker KOTD PPV. 

Gjonaj put on a show, a lot better performance and bars than the Dizaster battle where he flopped and did not do well at all. The battle against Danny Myers he was more confident and he put on a better show.

Danny Myers aka Bar God was doing his thing, great performance and energy all around. Download Illmaculate and DirtBag Dan Mixtapes Click Here.

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Battles At The Bunker

Battles at the Bunker KOTD was super dope, one of my favorite events hands down. The ppv event had a lot of dope battles. Lets get it.

Dizaster vs DNA ( ?????? ) Didn’t see that coming
Reverse Live vs J Dose
J Pro vs Bill Collector
Bonnie Godiva vs Pnut
The Deadman vs Big Kannon
Madflex vs E Farrell
Ncredable vs Megadef

Watch Battles At The Bunker Leaked Battles

Dizaster vs DNA was one of the best rematches so far. Both killed it.


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blackout 6 ppv leaked battles free live streaming watch kotd full footage battles rap

KOTD is hosting another great event, Blackout 6 is planing to be one of the biggest and best event that KOTD has put together sow far, you have some of the best battle rappers from many different rap leagues from KOTD to URL. All on one stage. The Blackout 6 battles will be straight fire.

This Blackout 6 card is different from all the rest, let me explain, the event does not show who will battle who, it just announced the names of the battle rappers that are i the event. This is the first time I have seen something like this in the battle rap world.

Watch Blackout 6 Live Streaming All Battles

No questions Blackout 6 will be a crazy event. KOTD has put this together perfectly. The mystery of not know who will battle who is very exciting but at the same time it is making me nervous. There are 26 battle rappers announced sow far that is 13 battles total. It will definitely be a multi day battle event. This is nothing new to KOTD they are used to doing multi day ppt events.

Now lets get back to the battle rappers and the battles that will go down on the Blackout 6 ppv. These are all the battle rappers that will be in the ppv Blackout 6 event.

Blackout 6 Battles

The Mystery event returns. Blackout 6 will happen Feb 19th & 20th, 2016
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ill maculate, Rone, Pass, Iron Solomon, Enamels, Caustic, Bishop Brigante, Sirius Jones, Head I.C.E., Carter Deems, Jay Rell, Big T, Gjonaj,Dizaster, Skelly, Arsonal, T-rex, Charon, The Saurus, Lexx Luthor, Psycoses, Cortez, Chedda Cheese, Shotti P, Quill, Born, J Pro
Ill Maculate vs Rone Battle Title Match

The main event of KOTD Blackout 6 is Ill Maculate vs Rone, this battle will be crazy no questions about it. These two guys have very different styles and making them go against each other in the battle will be epic. It will be a big challenge for both of these battle rapper.

This is Ill Maculates first title defense after he won the belt from Pat Stay in a classic battle. If you haven’t see that battle yet, you are missing out, it is one of the best KOTD battles of 2015.

Rone has been putting in work for a long time trying to get a tittle shot, I think he should have had a title shot while Pat Stay was the champion, if you ask me. But he finally got it and IllMaculate vs Rone will be a show. Rone better come with 3 killer rounds and attack Ill Mac from all angles. He will have to be on his top game to beat Illmacualte. That also goes for Ill Mac, if he thinks he can just skim along and beat Rone than he has another thing coming. Rone is a very skilled battle rapper and very witty and strategic.

Iron Solomon vs Dizaster

blackout 6 battles iron solomon vs dizaster full battle blackout 6 free live streaming leaked battles footage
Iron Solomon vs Dizaster Full Blackout 6 PPV Battle
Iron Solomon vs Dizaster Full Blackout 6 PPV Battle[/caption]I am super excited about this battle. I have been wanting to see this battle for a very long time, for years and years. This is one of those match ups that should have happened a while back when both of these guys were in their prime. It would be a dope battle for sure. This will be one of the best Blackout 6 battles for sure.

Iron Soloman has recently returned to battle rap, he came back and battles Daylyt, did very well as a comeback battle. I was surprised to see that he still got it. Dizaster on the other hand is a very different animal from Daylyt, He has a very strong performance and a lot of energy in his battles. Im not sure how Iron Solomon will be able to handle Dizaster all up in his face. We will just have to wait and see how the Blackout 6 battles turn out. They will be live streaming ppv for the Blackout 6 event.

Watch All Blackout 6 PPV Battles Live Streaming

You do not want to miss this dope event, these two battles are off the charts, and there are a ton of dope battle rappers on the card from Arsonal to Charon to Pass and Cortez. This ppv will be amazing, let just home KOTD put the right matches together. Make sure to get your tickets now and don’t miss history in the making.

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Back To Baysics Free Live Streaming PPV KOTD All Battles Footage Leaked

Back To Baysiscs 3 is going to be crazy, the KOTD card has a lot of dope battles on it. A Lot of the top guys from the west going head to head. This will be a dope card for sure. The battles that I want to see the most are Bigg K vs Caustic and Daylyt vs QP. I think the Bigg K vs Caustic battles will be dope for sure, both of these guys that that shit. Bigg K got that powerful mean style, and Caustic has some of the best angles in the game. Can wait to see how this turns out on the live stream. Daylyt vs QP will be dope as well. Haven’t see much from QP in a while, but from his old battles I know he gona come with that work. Daylyt has to show up again, he did great again Iron Solaman and hopefully the same Daylyt shows up for this battle. He has been on a crazy run hands down.

Click Here To Watch Back To Baysics 3

Back To Baysiscs Full Card – All Battles

Dizaster vs Gjonaj

Bigg K vs Caustic

Dirtbag Dan vs DNA

The Saurus vs Fresco

Arsonal vs Pass

Daylyt vs QP

Madflex vs Lu Cipher

Reverse Live vs Only One

Coma vs Frak

The battles will be live streaming on PPV as always sow if you haven’t ordered it, you need to order it now. You do not want to miss this KOTD PPV Dizaster vs Gjonaj is the wild card battle, Gjonaj hasn’t performed on KOTD before and I would like to see how he adapts to the KOTD crowed. Back To Baysiscs Live Streaming. This invent has a twist to it, there is some extra incentive:) 5 judges in the building will vote down the whole card at the end of the night to 5 of the best battles of the night and 5 of the best performances. These two categories will then be available to vote upon during the end of the live ppv. If you purchase and watch the ppv you will decide the winner! 2 prizes will be given out. 1. Battle of the Night – Best battle of the night will be given $1000 (500 to each battler) 2. Performance of the Night – Individual performance gets $1000.

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World Domination 5 was a very successful event for sure, here are some of the most memorable and controversial moments that went in the event.

This was a two day event and a lot of battles took place. Of the event was crazy, one of the most memorable moments on this day was when Dizaster came out dressed like a monk, it was pure comedy. Doumbfoundead was also great, this was a battle of the raises. Both battle rappers came with killer jokes and bars, and had me focused and wanting more. I can’t wait till this battle drops. This battle will have crazy replay value and it will bring more attention and fans to the battle rap world.

World Domination 5 greatest moments kotd footage

The other memorable moment has to be the Arsonal choking in his round against Shotty Horroa. Arsonal came out on a hover scooter and was spinning around the whole battle. He then threw Shottys hat on the floor on some disrespectful shit, as soon as he got done with that bar he choked. It was karma biting him in the ass. If you missed it here if the video below.

wd5 World Domination 5 greatest moments kotd footage

One of my personal favorites was Daylyt, this guy was focused this battle for sure, he came with the bars and performance. I think this was one of the best Daylyts we have seen in a while. All 3 of his rounds were on point. Iron Solomon came back and showed us he can still hang with the big cats. This battle will go down in the books as a classic for sure. Big ups to both Daylyt and Iron Solomon.


When Kid Twist brought out the major Norm Kelly in his third round against Rone, that shit was a shocker for sure. Nobody expected that to happen at all. I can’t imagine what was going through Rones mind when he saw the major walking into the ring. The battle was incredible by the way, very close to call, one of the best battles of the night for sure.

Norm Kelly world domination 5 kotd

These are just a couple of moments that happened in World Domination 5, there is a lot more. More moments coming soon.




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KOTD is hosting another Blackout 7 ppv event this time around its Blackout 7. This in my opinion has the potential to be one...