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nome 7 leaked rap battles free live streaming url smack leaked footage

NOME 7 One of the biggest battle rap events in the world.

NOME 7 Full Battles

Goodz vs T-Top

T-Rex vs K-Shine

Tay Rock vs Chess

Shotgun Suge vs Ave

Brizz Rawsteen vs Ill Will

Watch Free Live Streaming  PPVClick Here 

This is going to be one of the biggest events of the year, with a lot of crazy battles going down. You cant miss this PPV. The live PPV has already been sold out. This is going to be huge.

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Tsu Surf (also know Tsunami Surf) is a New Jersey based rapper. Tsu Surf got know in the battle rap world and now he is a force to be reckoned with. His lyrical ability and wordplay has but him in the ranks with some of the best battle rappers in the world. Tsu Surf has great talent no question about it. You have to listen to Tsu Surf mixtape to appreciate his talent.

Tsu Surf Music

With the release of his album Newark, Tsu Surf has put his foot into the mainstream music industry. His album was one of the most downloaded albums in iTunes. He has made the transition from battle rapper to a hip hop selling artist.

Tsu Surf Mixtape

Tsu Surf music go hard, his music makes you feel the pain of growing up in the hood and having a hard life. Getting through everything and making a name for your self. Click To Download Tsu Surf Newark Album

Tsu Surf is currently working with Joe Budden on creating more fire music.

Tsu Surf House In Virginia

Tsu Surf Battle Rap

Tsu Surf is a veteran when it come to battle rap, he has battled some of the best in the game. Tsu Surf is well know for his aggressive wordplay and his great performance. Most of his rap battles happen on SMACK/URL and the event that they trow. SMACK URL is the biggest battle rap organization in the US and it is the most respected.

Here are some of his most known bars.

“Fuck, I need to put it in subtitles or somethin’?”

“First thing I hear when I touch down is Surf the Midwest grooving, such-and-such nice, whats his name doing his numbers, and I don’t see the Midwest losing. Well, I can think of a few VERBs, for the nigga’s that think they ILL, I come thru the Midwest cruisin’, X all FACTORs, HIT all MEN tryna HOLLA, cause the CALICOE’s under this BIG T will cease that Midwest movement!!!”

Tsu Surf Background

Tsu Surf was born by the name Rajon Cox, Newark NJ. Tsu Surf grew up in the hood, he has a long criminal record. Tsu Surf has 7 robbery charges and 2 possession charges as well. As people say Tsu Surf is street certified. Tsu Surf jail time has shaped him into a better and smarted man. The Tsu Surf ” Newark ” shows the hard work Surf has put into the game.

Tsu Surf got his name because he liked to skate when he was younger. He revealed that the “surf” in his rap name is derived from his childhood skating hobby.

Tsu Surf Clothing

Tsu Surf is working on his clothing brand. Coming Soon. Download Tsu Surf Newark Album

The Tsu Surf mixtape is dope, you have to listen to it.

Tsu Surf Battles

Tsu surf battles are fire, he has a lot of good battles. Tsu Surf battled some of the best in the game, from DNA to Conceited To Hollow Da Don and Charlie Clips. Here is one of my favorite Tsu Surf battles. Tsu Surf vs Hitman Holla, this was a SMACK/URL battle at Summer Madness 4

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Rich ImNice ( Formerly Rich Dolarz ) “Why” Freestley – Revamp

Rich ImNice formerly Rich Dolarz dropped this WHY freestyle. I’m not going to lie I thought it was fire, spitting facts. Rich ImNice has nice performance, I did not expect that. This freestyle if you ask me has a lot of replay value.

Download More Mixtapes from you favorite battle rappers – Click Here

What do you think about this free style, leave your comments below.

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Unfinished Business 2 SMACK / URL

Unfinished Business 2 is going to be one of the best event so far, the card is full of dope battles.

Unfinished Business 2 Battles

Tsu Surf and Tay Rock vs DNA and K-Shine
Rum Nitty vs Charlie Clips
Math Hoffa vs T-Top
John John Da Don vs Big T
Brizz Rawsteen vs Shotgun Suge

This will be a dope event you can’t miss it. July 9th 2016 at the Highline Ballroom, 431 W 16th St, New York NY 10011. This is where business is taken care of.

Unfinished Business 2 Predictions

Tsu Surf and Tay Rock 2-1
Rum Nitty 2-1
T-Top 2-1
John John Da Don 3-0
Brizz Rawsteen 3-0

Click Here to Download Tsu Surf Newark Album.  This is one of the best albums of the year with some dope tracks. Support the culture. Watch Unfinished Business 2 Leaked Battles.

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A Perfect Day To Die SMACK URL Event Card Full Battles Leaked Footage
A Perfect Day To Die

A Perfect Day To Die event is going down, you do not want to miss this, it will be one of the best cards of the winter. We will have the live updates from the event and we will keep you updated to everything that is going down in the event. Watch A Perfect Day To Die Live Streaming.

The event is doing down Dec 12th, don’t miss it.

A Perfect Day To Die All Battles

Tay Roc vs John John Da Don
Charlie Clips vs Shotgun Suge
DNA vs Brizz Rawsteen
K-Shine vs X-Factor
Chilla Jones vs Th3 Saga

Click Here – A Perfect Day To Die Free Live Streaming

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summer madness 5 smack url sm5 leaked battles footage

Summer Madness 5 is shaping up to be one of the biggest battle rap events of the year. A lot of fans want to see a lot of battles from Shotgun Suge vs Hitman Hollow to Murder Mook vs Tsu Surf, Smack and the URL movement have not confirmed anything yet.

The hype is building and the anticipation for the battles is definitely there. This is what i would like to see, in my opinion one of the greats has to step back in the ring. Murder Mook or Lux, they have to solidify their greatness. Hollow Da Don has solidified his destiny as one of the greats by beating Clips.

SMACK/ URL the world wide leaders of MC Battle culture do it again with another exciting battle from their recent REDEMPTION event. This high paced match up is also a first for SMACK/ URL because it’s the first time ever that powerhouse has hosted a 2 on 2 battle. The energy on stage was so intense that battle wasn’t able to be completed; but have no fear the four lyricists will meet again at Summer Madness 5.

DNA and K-Shine vs Chess and Steams is finally official  for Summer Madness 5 (SM5)



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john john da don vs prep rookies vs vets event

This battle was by far one of the best from the Rookies vs Vets events. Both went crazy in the first round. John John Da Don had some hay makers the make the crowed go crazy, Prep had some punches that did the same.

The second round was short on both sides for me, but i would have to slightly edge it to Prep. Third round was crazy for John John, he took that round hands down. Prep came hard in the third but seemed like he was loosing energy. John John fired shots at NuNu Nellz in every round of the battle. ( He is currently blocked from viewing NuNu Nellz Instagram) Here is the full battle below. Comment on who you think won.

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nome 5 full event recap all battles

Nome 5 was an epic event, the battles where crazy fire. The PPV was ok in my opinion, lots of freezing in picture but sound was good. I don’t think this is the right move for URL. All the battles got leaked minutes after the PPV. For all the after event interviews click here – Interviews 

DNA vs Serious Jones

This battle had very little hype behind it. It was the first battle of the night. It set the night of perfectly. The battle was fire. DNA came with fire material all tree rounds. He was wilding out on Serious Jones. In my opinion DNA cooked him 3-0. The fans wasn’t feeling Serious Jones that much. He had a couple of nice lines but couldn’t get a round. DNA came to work, we need to see more of DNA in this form.

Tsu Surf vs Tay Rock

This was one of the battles that the fans wanted to see the most. This battle was very has to judge. Both came with fire material all 3 rounds. Every single round was fire. I will have to give it to Tsu Surf 2-1. I felt like he was more rounded and lines where not as predictable. Rock was ready for this battle, you can tell he did his homework. Tsu Surf broke him down lyrically. Probably the battle of the night.

Charlie Clips vs Hollow Da Don

I was super hyped for this battle. First round was solid for both, the first round will decided who won the battle. Second round Charlie Clips handed it to Hollow Da Don for free. Charlie spent the whole round dissing Cortez and some other guy. He didn’t come at Hollow at all. In my opinion if your going to talk the shit you better walk it all 3 rounds. Hollow took round 2. Charlie Clips came out in round tree with fire. He was cooking in that round for sure. Here is how I have it going. This battle can go 2-1 either way. Hollow got 2nd round Charlie got 3rd round. The first round i hard to judge. I might have to see the battle agin, but now I edged it to Hollow.

To see my full predictions before the event dropped click here Nome 5 Predictions. Nome 5 Battles.

Jaz The Rapper vs Official

This battle is nice, lots of cold bars. First round was fire from both. Jaz fired shots at everybody, K-shine, Suge, and Goodz. The second round was crazy, Official took the second round in my opinion. This battle was nice, can’t wait to see more from both artist. I have to give this one to Official 3-0

K- Shine vs AyVerb

This was my favorite battle of the event hands down, K – Shine came with that fire, he was cooking all tree rounds. There was nothing that Ayverb could of done, the crowed didn’t want to hear any of it. They had a little fuss break out on stage, they almost had a fight. K Shine got this battle easy he 3-0 Ayverb. K Shine is back.

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Nome 5 Battles Event PPV Smack url all footage

As you many know by now, Smack and URL are doing their first ever live ppv. They will be streaming all the battles and the full event footage live. You can get your ppv tickets for Nome 5 right now. They are on sale foe $30. This will be the first time the URL has done such a thing, and according to Smack if it works out well they will continue to offer live streaming ppv for their feature events.

The pros and cons for offering live streaming is many. Lets start with the pros. The fans will benefit the most, because they will now have to wait months until they get to see the battles. The URL movement will make more money, and they could use that money to bring in new talent or bring back one of the legends for a final classic. This will help the league out a lot.

The cons, we all know what happened at the Cassidy vs Dizaster battle, the live stream was cutting out, lots of issues with volume and a ton of other technical problems. The live streaming has to be done on a good quality scale, sow every fan can enjoy it without technical issues. One other issue is the fans will start leaking footage. You will be able to find all the nome 5 leaked battles before they drop. They quality won’t be as good and the experience as well.

With all the pros and cons, I think URL can bring it together and make this ppv live streaming work. This first one might be rough but I think it will work out just fine. Be a part of history and get your Nome 5 live streaming ppv tickets now. Don’t forget to check out our music section – Music

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charlie clips vs t-top full battle rookies vs vets smack url event

It has finally dropped, the battle we been all waiting for from the Rookies vs Vets event. This battle was nice, lots of clean bars dropped.  Both went in, nobody came to play around this time. This was a nice event over all, lots of new talent making their names.

First round both went in, crowed was showing mad love to both battle rappers. Second round T-Top went crazy, he really brought it to Clips. Charlie Clips was not doing much in the second round. He kept it really short. Third round was the round where both started breaching. See how the full battle went down. See my full NOME 5 predictions and match ups.

Charlie Clips vs T-Top Full Battle – Rookies vs Vets




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KOTD is hosting another Blackout 7 ppv event this time around its Blackout 7. This in my opinion has the potential to be one...