Nome 7 URL PPV Event Leaked Battles Footage

Nome 7 URL PPV Event Leaked Battles Footage

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nome 7 leaked rap battles free live streaming url smack leaked footage

Nome 7 was one of the biggest SMACK battle rap events of the year. The ppv was amazing and the battles were even better.

The atmosphere in the building was crazy. T-Rex vs K-shine was epic and the battle was crazy, K-shine took the Win in this one.

Tay Rock vs Chess was full of energy, they almost broke out in a fight. crazy battle.

Goodz swagged on T-Top and edged the win in my opinion.

Shotgun Suge and ave was fire, too close to call but suge was in his bag.

Brizz and ill Will was probably battle of the night, both were cooking.

Here is a quick recap of the battles that went down.

K-Shine vs T-Rex
Goodz vs T-Top
Shotgun Suge vs Ave
Tay Rock va Chess
Brizz Rawstean vs Ill Will

The battles were crazy live. The ppv footage was great with no interruptions.

To see the leaked footage from the NOME 7 ppv event Click Here.

You do not want to miss these battles, when I say I was impressed I was really impressed.

The energy in the room was crazy.


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